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Ollie Coaching is the relaxed, fun way to help children of all ages, and the adults around them, with the problems everyday life brings.

Who is Ollie?

Ollie is a young boy who has problems with bullies at school. With the help of Mr Wilcox, his friend from the nursing home his mother works at, he discovers that he has super powers. He learns to use these super powers – emotions – to feel better and help him work through everyday problems, from the bullies at school, to performing better at his favourite sport, football.

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Emily – your local coach

“Inside of you is the potential to make yourself better… and that is what it is to be human. To make yourself more than you are.” – Captain Picard, Star Trek : TNG

I’m a bit of a geek and my love of Star Trek, and how they imagined a better future for everyone, is what inspired me to wonder how I could do my own part to make things better for everyone I could reach.

How can Ollie help me?

Ollie Coaches are here, not to “fix” children, but to give them the tools to help themselves, now and in the future. Creating empowered, confident, happy children, and also helping the adults around them – Ollie is not just for kids!


Adolescents experiencing a mental health problem in any given year


Mental Health problems established by age 14


Children & adolescents that have not had appropriate early intervention

Upcoming Ollie Events

17th March 2018

Ollie Coach Training Day – O5

One-day training for people with an existing NLP qualification, to learn all the techniques and methods used in Ollie Coaching.

19th & 20th May

Ollie Coach + NLP Training – Weekend 1

Four-month training course, to learn all the techniques and methods used in Ollie Coaching, and including NLP qualification. Weekend 1.

Video – what is Ollie Coaching?

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I try to post a variety of blogs – some of success stories, some of tips & tricks for you to use yourself, and some of topics or articles I’ve found interesting. I would love you to let me know what you think, and if there are any topics for discussion or tips that you’d like!


Anchors are a fantastic tool for getting you out of an emotional state you don’t want to be in and putting you into one you do want to be in and they’re really easy to do - for both kids and adults! Kids - here’s how! Have you ever played a video game where something...

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Children and Mental Health Awareness

How do you make children aware of mental health problems? Today is National Children's Day in the UK and it's also the final day of Mental Health Awareness Week. So I thought I'd do a post that was relevant to both. Obviously mental health problems can affect people...

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What is Ollie Coaching?

Ollie Coaching is a method devised by Alison Knowles to teach children (and adults!) that they can control how they feel. The main concept behind this is the belief that we are all made up of different parts, and we are not only happy, sad, angry, in pain, or anything...

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Only official Ollie Coaches are permitted to use the title “Ollie Coach” and the ‘Ollie and his Super Powers’ logo. Please check the main Ollie website www.ollieandhissuperpowers.com to ensure that your coach is genuine as only genuine coaches are listed on the main website. All genuine coaches are fully DBS checked.