Anchors are a fantastic tool for getting you out of an emotional state you don’t want to be in and putting you into one you do want to be in and they’re really easy to do – for both kids and adults!

Kids – here’s how!
Have you ever played a video game where something bad happens, but it’s OK because you can just go back to the last point where you saved the game and everything is good again? Well the really cool thing is that you can do that with feelings too!

All you need to do is spend a few minutes getting the right Super Power team together – it might be Happy, Calm and Brave for if you’re doing something a bit scary, or it might be Calm, Brave and Confident for exam time – whatever you want! Make sure they’re just the right size and they’re all ready to work together.

Next you choose where you want your “save point” for that team – it could be on a finger, on your ear, on your watch – anywhere that is right for you. It just needs to be somewhere that you can quickly and easily touch when you need to. Concentrate on how good your new team feels and press on your save point – and that’s it!

Next time you need to use your team, just press on your save point and they’ll be there! And don’t forget – just like you get better at games by playing them, your team will get better at helping you if you keep using them.


Parents – it’s for you too!
This is not just a technique for children – it’s used by all sorts of people from public speakers to Olympic athletes – it really is that powerful!

As well as creating an anchor with how you’d like to feel (Super Powers) you can create an anchor to bring up how you felt in the past – maybe the feeling of achievement when you completed something difficult, or a day when you felt really calm and peaceful.

Whatever you think you’d like a bit more of, just spend a few moments imagining it as strongly as you can, allowing every part of that feeling or experience to fill you and then press on your own “save point”. Use it often for the first week or two, really getting into feeling everything as you do it, and it becomes quicker and easier over time to access those feelings – really useful to then be able to use your “Calm” one when the kids are driving you up the wall!