Anchors are a fantastic tool for getting you out of an emotional state you don’t want to be in and putting you into one you do want to be in and they’re really easy to do - for both kids and adults! Kids - here’s how! Have you ever played a video game where something...

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Children and Mental Health Awareness

How do you make children aware of mental health problems? Today is National Children's Day in the UK and it's also the final day of Mental Health Awareness Week. So I thought I'd do a post that was relevant to both. Obviously mental health problems can affect people...

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What is Ollie Coaching?

Ollie Coaching is a method devised by Alison Knowles to teach children (and adults!) that they can control how they feel. The main concept behind this is the belief that we are all made up of different parts, and we are not only happy, sad, angry, in pain, or anything...

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