Ollie Coaching is a method devised by Alison Knowles to teach children (and adults!) that they can control how they feel.

The main concept behind this is the belief that we are all made up of different parts, and we are not only happy, sad, angry, in pain, or anything else you can think of, only a part of us is. We have the capability to grow or shrink these parts to help us feel more happy and less sad, more excited and less frightened or whatever you would like to feel instead. It doesn’t mean those parts are gone, they are always with us – because sometimes it’s appropriate to feel sad, or fearful – but we can much more in control of them so that they don’t overwhelm us.

Ollie does this by learning that all his emotions are Super Powers and, with the help of Mr Wilcox, he learns that all his memories are stored in a big library in his head and that he can grow his Brave and Happy Super Powers to help him beat the school bullies. From here he learns that he can choose which team of Super Powers he wants to help him through the day – whether it’s icky maths tests or his favourite, football! And it’s not just the boys, Mollie is soon introduced with her own set of Super Powers and a library that looks very different to Ollie’s!

Children and the adults around them can learn about the concept by reading the Ollie and his Super Powers books that Alison has written, or from one of the various activities run by Ollie Coaches – school assemblies, parents evenings and mentor training. Ollie Coaches also do one-to-one work, both within schools and privately. There are now Ollie Coaches all over the UK, to find your nearest coach, please visit www.ollieandhissuperpowers.com